Company Formation

shutterstock_73130665Starting a company in Hong Kong needs the right kind of advise. This helps you ensure minimum paperwork delays and unnecessary surprise expenses. At HK Business Solutions Ltd. we boast of over a decade of business startup advice. Our working methodology is based around understanding our client’s business model followed by directing them towards choosing and incorporating the right kind of corporate entity.

 A Hong Kong company can be incorporated in one of 2 ways: 

1. Setting up a whole new company

2. Choosing a ready made company (known as a shelf company)

Setting up a whole new company entails requesting a company name of your choice and the following paperwork is more time consuming as opposed to a ready made company. A shelf company or a ready made company is a company formed by choosing out of a pre approved list of company names. The processing time for a shelf company is much quicker!

Minimum requirements for Hong Kong Companies:

1. One Shareholder

2. One Director

3. Company Secretary (Part of our Business Representative / Registered agent service for 1 year)

Processing Time:

Whole New Company – Approximately 10 working days

Ready Made New Company  – Around 2 working days

Our Company Formation Package Includes: 

  • Company Name Search
  • Business Registration Fee (HKD 2,250 Government fee included)
  • Certificate of Incorporation (HKD 1,730 Government fee included)
  • Company chop, authorised signatory chop & Common Seal
  • Green Box with company name printed
  • Share Certificate book
  • Arrangements to open a bank account
  • Memorandum and Articles of Association copies

Unlimited (Proprietorship) Hong Kong Company:

An unlimited proprietorship company can be setup by nationals of any country and HK Business Solutions helps you with this simple and effective kind of company.

Representative Company:

A foreign company looking to establish a presence in Hong Kong with a representative office but not particularly intent on directly engaging in business may choose to open a Representative Company.

Offshore Company Formation: 

BVI / Seychelles Company formation: A British Virgin Islands or Seychelles company are the best way to maintain anonymity while having an offshore presence. Seychelles has signed no sharing agreement with the UK, US or EU, hence your anonymity is perfectly protected. The British Virgin Islands offers a unique tax free arrangement for offshore companies. HK Business Solutions can help you with both, a Seychelles and BVI company.

Forming a China Company: 

Setting up a representative office:

For corporates who wish to setup a company officer in China to liaise with potential customers a representative office may be opened. A representative office cannot receive income or issue invoices. Ir requires 1 chief representative appointed b the board of directors of the parent company.

Wholly Owned Foreign Enterprise (WOFE):

A WOFE can be formed by foreign entities, can do regular business and repatriate profits to the parent company. It requires a minimum of 1 Director, 1 Shareholder and 1 Legal Representative.